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PyHRF is a Python library for the analysis of fMRI data based on the study of hemodynamics.

File format specification

File format specification – Paradigm CSV format

To encode the experimental paradigm, the CSV file format comprises 5 columns:

  1. Session number (integer)
  2. Experimental Condition, as string with double quotes
  3. Onset (float in s.)
  4. Duration (float s.). 0 for event-related paradigm
  5. Amplitude (float, default is 1.).
File format specification

Example (extracted from pyhrf/python/datafiles/paradigm_loc.csv):

SessionExperimental ConditionOnsetDurationAmplitude

NB: Be carefull not to end float onset and duration with a point . because it could results in python not being able to split the paradigm correctly (end with a zero if necessary)

Contrasts JSON format

File format specification

To encode contrasts definition, use the following json format:

    "contrast_name": "linear combination of conditions",
    "Audio-Video": "clicDaudio-clicDvideo"

The names in the contrast definition MUST correspond to the experimental conditions (case sensitive) defined in the above CSV file.

Ramon Sanders

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